Self-Study Report Templates

This page includes documentation that must be submitted during an accreditation process. The Program’s draft SSR is due to PAB on June 15 (if a fall Site Visit has been scheduled) or September 15 (if a Site Visit the following spring has been scheduled). The final SSR in electronic version, together with an original signature page, is due to PAB 2 weeks after comments to the draft report have been received. As of 2024, all SSRs will be submitted via Armature Fabric, PAB’s online accreditation management system.

The following documents are under the 2022 Accreditation Standards.

Self-Study Report Template

The SSR templates are for illustrative purposes. The Self-Study Report Manual contains important information on preparing an effective Self-Study Report and provides guidance for demonstrating compliance with the standards.

Other Required Documents

Signatures and Contact Information – The signature page should be submitted to PAB upon final submission of the final SSR. A PDF version is provided for e-signatures.

Faculty Abbreviated CVs Cover Sheet and Template – Provide the faculty CVs using the PAB template. Abbreviated CVs for all faculty must be provided in alphabetical order, organized by Full-time in Planning Unit (Tenured/Tenure-track and Contract); Part-time in Planning Unit (Tenured/Tenure-track and Contract); and Adjunct.

Course Syllabi Cover Sheet – Provide the course syllabi for all courses, organized in increasing course numerical order. Separate the courses into core or required courses and electives.

Other Evidence Cover Sheet – Provide the supporting evidence for compliance as listed throughout the Self-Study Report.

Optional Documents

Curriculum Maps – Two different curriculum maps are provided as a resource. At this time, the curriculum map is not required for submission with the SSR. However, based on feedback and SSR reviews, PAB may revise its decision for 2024 submissions.