Site Visit Report

At the conclusion of the Site Visit, the Site Visit Team will produce a Site Visit Report. Programs will have the opportunity to comment on the Site Visit Report prior to its finalization. Detailed information on procedures governing Site Visit Reports can be found in the Site Visit Manuals. All report recipients shall be informed that the Site Visit Report is confidential, and that it is not to be distributed, or referenced, outside of the comment period. The planning program shall not release the Site Visit Report to outside parties until after the PAB’s decision, unless permission to do so has been gained from the PAB.

Site Visit Report – Draft Comments

The Program has two weeks to provide comments to the draft Site Visit Report. Comments include:  I. any factual corrections; and II. a response to the Site Visit Team’s findings, wherein the Program can clarify any misconceptions or differing interpretations, and document areas of disagreement. The Part II narrative should address only those standards and criteria assessed as partially-met or unmet. Evidence of compliance is limited to what was available to the team at the time of the Site Visit; no new evidence or documentation is allowed at this time.

Site Visit Report – Final Comments

Once the Site Visit Report is final, the Program has one month to submit comments that address only those standards and criteria assessed as partially-met or unmet. This response becomes part of the official record and is reviewed by the Site Visit Team and the PAB. Comments are optional.

Post Site Visit Report

This optional report provides the opportunity for programs to submit additional, updated evidence of compliance with PAB standards that was not part of the previous report (e.g. Self-Study Report, Site Visit Report, comments to the final Site Visit Report).