About Us

PAB Chair (2020-2022) & ACSP Professional Planner appointee (2017-2023)

Deputy City Manager/Chief Operating Officer, City of Henderson, NV

PAB Vice-Chair (2020-2022) & ACSP Planning Educator appointee (2016-2022)

Professor, Urban Planning Program, University of Minnesota

ACSP Planning Educator appointee (2015-2021)

Professor and Program Director, Urban and Regional Planning Programs, Michigan State University

AICP Young Planner appointee (2015-2021)

Technical Director, AKRF, Inc.

AICP Planning Practitioner appointee (2019-2022)

Founder, Executive Director, Long Beach Community Design

ACSP Higher Education Administrator Appointee (2019-2022)

Associate Provost, Tufts University

APA Public Member appointee (2017-2023)

Senior Manager, Hillsborough County Aviation Authority

ACSP Planning Educator appointee (2020-2023)

Professor and Director, Urban Planning Program, Columbia University