University of Massachusetts Boston

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Kenneth Reardon, Department Chair
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Accreditation Actions

Accreditation through December 31, 2028
Last Accreditation Cycle: 2022 – 2023
Next Accreditation Cycle: 2027 – 2028
Progress Report: Not Applicable

Summary of Recent Actions

April 2023: Program granted 5-year initial accreditation.

PAB accreditation indicates that the Program has undergone an external review and substantially meets the PAB standards and criteria. Programs granted accreditation demonstrate conformity with PAB Standards after a thorough review from the Board. PAB bases its decisions on the overall quality of the program, its performance relative to its mission and strategic plan, and its performance relative to PAB’s five standards, which encompass a total of 29 criteria and 18 curriculum sub-criteria. When PAB determines that a Program does not fully meet a criterion or curriculum sub-criterion, the Program is encouraged to take steps to improve in that area and provide information to PAB on its efforts, either during the next accreditation review or in an interim progress report.

The Planning Accreditation Board has required the Program to address issues in the following areas:

  • Criterion 1B/ Current Strategic Plan determined to be partially-met. The Program does not sufficiently differentiate between the department and the planning master’s degree in its current strategic plan.
  • Criterion 1D/ Student Learning Outcomes Assessment determined to be partially-met. The Program should continue with efforts to implement its student learning outcomes assessment.

This information is a summary only. Please consult the school directly for in-depth information regarding programs, course offerings, and compliance with PAB standards. Programs should also be consulted directly for additional information on issues and areas of improvement identified during an accreditation review, and the actions that the school is taking to address these areas. If the Program has provided a response to any of the issues cited above, please see below for a link to the response.

October 2021: Program granted Candidacy Status effective January 1, 2022, through December 31, 2023.