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Outstanding Site Visitor Award

What is the Outstanding Site Visitor Award?

PAB recognizes two Site Visitors annually, one educator and one practitioner, for their outstanding contributions to the PAB’s mission of ensuring the high quality of planning education for future urban planners. Site Visitors who have participated in at least three Site Visits are eligible for nomination.

How are the Outstanding Site Visitor Award recipients selected?

Each summer, PAB’s Site Visitor committee selects an educator and practitioner based on feedback received in Site Visit Team evaluation forms and a member’s past record on Site Visits. The educator award is presented during the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (ACSP) conference in the fall; the practitioner award is presented during the American Planning Association (APA) conference in the spring.

Last Year's Recipients

Eric Strauss, Ph.D., JD, AICP, Professor Emeritus, Michigan State University
Gloria J. Jeff, AICP, Livability Director, Minnesota DoT Metro District

Previous Award Recipients


Eric Strauss, Ph.D., JD, AICP, Professor Emeritus, Michigan State University
Gloria J. Jeff, AICP, Livability Director, Minnesota DoT Metro District


Eugénie L. Birch, Ph.D., FAICP, Nussdorf Professor of Urban Research, University of Pennsylvania
Cheryl Holmes Matheny, FAICP, Principal, The Matheny-Burns Group


Susan Bradbury, Ph.D., Professor, Iowa State University
Ramona Mattix, AICP, [Retired] Assistant Deputy Minister Ministry of Indigenous and Municipal Relations, Winnipeg, MB


Ana Maria C. Whitaker, Professor Emerita, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Robert P. Mitchell, FAICP, Principal, Robert P. Mitchell FAICP Consulting, Boston, MA


John Mullin, PhD, FAICP, Professor Emeritus at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Fernando Costa, FAICP, Assistant City Manager at the City of Fort Worth, TX


Emil Malizia, Ph.D., FAICP, Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Carol D. Barrett, FAICP, Senior Associate, Zucker Systems


Charles Hoch, Ph.D., Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago
Jeffrey Taebel, FAICP, Director, Community and Environmental Planning Department, Houston-Galveston Area Council


John Gaber, Ph.D., AICP, Professor, University of Arkansas
Susan J. Harden, AICP, Senior Vice President/National Planning Practice Lead, Michael Baker International


Kenneth Chew, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer, University of California, Irvine
Wayne M. Feiden, FAICP, Director of Planning and Development, City of Northampton (MA)


David Marcouiller, Ph.D., AICP, Professor and Chair, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Jeanette Dinwiddie-Moore, FAICP, Principal, Dinwiddie and Associates (CA)


Gary Sands, Ph.D., AICP, Professor Emeritus, Wayne State University
Nancy Leathers, AICP, Former Director of Community Development, City of Sandy Springs


Fritz Wagner, FAICP, Professor, University of Washington
Joanne Garnett, FAICP, Partner, Orion Planning Group (WY)


Karl Kim, Ph.D., Professor at University of Hawaii at Manoa
Charles Newcomb, AICP, Principal, Banisch Associates, Inc. (NJ )


Lewis Hopkins, Ph.D., FAICP, Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Richard Bickel, Jr., AICP, Director, Division of Planning, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DE)


Jerry Kaufman, Ph.D., FAICP, Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin – Madison
Sumner Sharpe, Ph.D., FAICP, Senior Consultant, Parametrix, Inc. (OR)