Published Reports

This section contains reports and white papers published by PAB and its sponsoring organizations.

This report, prepared by the Task Force on Innovation and Communication in Planning Education, summarizes the Task Force’s findings concerning the value of accreditation with the aim of contributing to the wider discussion of the value of planning and elevating the value of PAB accredited programs and degrees.

PAB's Task Force on Innovation and Communication in Planning Education prepared this report with the intention to further the conversation with PAB and its sponsoring organizations on how planning programs can innovate to respond to emerging challenges. The report outlines the emerging issues in the academy and profession, as well as PAB's role in supporting innovation.

The Diversity Task Force prepared a report identifying effective and exemplary practices in diversity activities in graduate programs for recruiting and maintaining a diverse student body and faculty.

The Joint Task Force of APA, AICP, ACSP and PAB produced a report on enrollment trends from 2008-2014 among PAB-accredited programs and the reasons for decline, increase or stable enrollment among programs.

Other Resources

Report on Race, Ethnicity, and Foreign Origin Data for ACSP, produced by ACSP Diversity Committee
2018 Report (PDF)
2016 Report (PDF)
2014 Report (PDF)

1985 article by Don Krueckeberg, The Tuition of American Planning; From Dependency Toward Self-Reliance (PDF), provides historic information on planning school enrollment data and shifting alliances between design and social science. Copyright © Liverpool University Press.