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A Message from the Chair

Fellow Planners, Colleagues and Prospective Students,

I am pleased to announce the final 2022 Accreditation Standards were approved by the board. Thank you for sharing your feedback and written comments throughout the revision process and during the two formal comment periods. I would also like to thank the Standards Review Task Force for their dedication and commitment to this endeavor.

The new standards are effective January 1, 2023, and programs with Self-Study Reports due in 2023 will adhere to the new standards. This summer, the board and staff will work to revise the Self-Study Report manual and template and Site Visit manuals. Additionally, significant work will go into redesigning the training for programs and Site Visitors to align with the new standards and board expectations. Training for programs and Site Visitors on the new standards will begin in late Fall and continue into next year.

Over the last few years, PAB’s major operational focus has been to upgrade its technological systems to ensure relevant and efficient office and accreditation processes. Our new accreditation management system, Armature Fabric, will officially launch next year, in conjunction with the implementation of the new standards.  Armature Fabric will better manage workflow, artifacts, enable continuous improvement and allow easier communication of the various phases of accreditation to accredited programs and Site Visitors. Since 2021, we have been beta-testing various modules with programs. Towards the end of this year, staff will work with the vendor to configure the system to the new standards, as well as address any issues that arise from the two cycles of reviews. Programs will be trained on the new system, as well as Site Visitors. Eventually the board itself will operate in the new system. This is a huge project with a significant amount of data entry, managed by our two staff members.

In December, PAB will submit its application for re-recognition (also known as a Self-Study Report) to the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). PAB has been recognized by CHEA since April 2001. CHEA periodically reviews and recognizes accrediting organizations for their effectiveness in assuring and improving quality in higher education. The purpose of recognition from this nonprofit, nongovernmental institutional membership organization is to provide assurance to the public that accrediting organizations are competent to conduct quality review of institutions and in accordance with CHEA standards. This is PAB’s opportunity to go through the same process as our programs. Over the next few months, the executive committee, along with Jesmarie, will work to develop the Self-Study Report under the 2022 CHEA recognition standards, as follows:

  • Standard 1: Academic Quality and Student Achievement
  • Standard 2: Accountability and Transparency
  • Standard 3: Accreditation Structure and Organization
  • Standard 4: Capacity and Compliance for International Accreditation (if applicable)

Finally, a total of 12 site visits were conducted for fall 2021 and spring 2022. The majority were in-person with 2 hybrid visits. There are 11 visits planned for fall 2022 and spring 2023. We need volunteers for the Site Visitor pool, specifically educators. Site Visitors are an integral part of the accreditation process. Without the dedication of these volunteers, the accreditation of planning programs would not survive. By volunteering as a Site Visitor, you can experience the peer review process firsthand; support and contribute to the education of future planners; network with new colleagues; gather new ideas, emerging trends, and share best practices. PAB does not directly recruit volunteers – our sponsoring organizations (AICP and ACSP) do that. For more information on the application process with AICP and ACSP, please visit: https://www.planningaccreditationboard.org/site-visitors/become-a-site-visitor/

Bristol S. Ellington, AICP
PAB Chair

June 14, 2022

PAB Spring 2022 Report to Sponsoring Organizations

PAB Chair (2020-2022) & AICP Planning Practitioner appointee (2017-2023)

Deputy City Manager/Chief Operating Officer, City of Henderson, NV