PAB Fee Schedule for Fiscal Year 2021

Candidacy Application Fee: $2,805

The candidacy application fee is paid by programs seeking Candidacy Status for a degree that is not currently accredited. Payment of the fee should accompany the August 1 Self-Study Report submission. The fee is non-refundable, regardless of the PAB’s decision regarding Candidacy Status.

Annual Fee: $2,159.85 for one accredited degree; $2,805 for two accredited degrees

Institutions administering one accredited planning degree are charged a single annual fee of $2,159.85. Institutions administering two accredited planning degrees (undergraduate and/or graduate) are charged a single annual fee of $2,805. This fee is invoiced October 1 and is due December 1. Programs granted initial accreditation will be invoiced a pro-rated annual fee as of January 1. Click here to view the Annual Fee schedule through 2025.

Site Visit Fee: Varies

The Site Visit fee is borne directly by the program being reviewed for accreditation. The fee includes all expenses incurred by PAB as a result of the visit, and an administrative fee of $250. Programs with multiple degrees, multiple sites, and/or multiple modalities will be assessed an additional $250. The program will be invoiced for this fee shortly after completion of the Site Visit.

Late Fee: $250

Programs which fail to submit payments, requested information, or reports of any kind by the due date will incur a $250 late fee. Failure to pay the late fee, together with the originally invoiced payment, information and/or report, by its due date will result in a program being placed on Administrative Probationary Accreditation until resolution.

Appeal Fee: $2,500 + Actual Cost of Appeal

Programs appealing a PAB decision must file an Appeal Document, as specified in The Accreditation Document, and submit a non-refundable Appeal Fee in the amount of $2,500. The program shall also submit a payment of $5,000 to be applied to the costs of the Appeal. These costs normally consist of the travel, room, and board expenses of the appeal panel members, and any additional expenses (e.g., transcription services, costs for obtaining testimony, etc.) as may be necessary. In the event the costs are less than $5,000, the balance shall be returned to the program. In the event the costs exceed $5,000, the program shall pay the additional expenses.

Delayed Site Visit Fee: $500

Programs requesting a delayed Site Visit must meet the PAB policy as specified in The Policies Manual. Delayed visits are granted at the discretion of the PAB. The $500 fee is assessed only if the request is approved.

Rescheduled Site Visit Fee: $500 + any out-of-pocket SVT expenses incurred

Failure to initiate or file a suitable Self-Study Report by its deadline or provide suitable Site Visit arrangements by its deadline may result in a rescheduled Site Visit. If PAB determines there is a reasonable cause to reschedule a Site Visit for a later date, the Program will be charged a Rescheduled Site Visit fee and placed on Administrative Probationary Accreditation. For further details, visit The Policies Manual.

Useful Documents

Site Visits

The link above includes information for fall 2020 and spring 2021 virtual visits

Training Presentations

Reporting a Substantive Change

(File Download: 40kB)

A Substantive Change is any organizational and/or programmatic change that may affect the Program’s ability to comply with one or more of the pre-conditions to accreditation, and/or any of the PAB accreditation standards and criteria. Specific examples can be found in PAB’s Policies and Procedures Manual. Programs must notify PAB of a Substantive Change as soon as possible using this form and shall demonstrate how the change(s) will allow for continued compliance with the standards.

Progress Report Template

(File Download: 35kB)

Use this Word document for Progress Reports which is due July 1. Late submissions are subject to a late fee.

PAB Fee Schedule for Fiscal Year 2021

A list of fees associated with accreditation including candidacy application fee, annual fee, Site Visit fee, late fee, and appeal fee.

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