Data on Accredited Programs

Practitioner Involvement in Student and Programmatic Assessment (September 2016, PDF)
Results from a PAB survey on the role of practitioners in outcomes assessment.

Joint Task Force on Enrollment Report (APA, April 2016, PDF)
The Joint Task Force of APA, AICP, ACSP and PAB produced a report on enrollment trends from 2008-2014 among PAB-accredited programs and the reasons for decline, increase or stable enrollment among programs.

Full-time Teaching Load Definitions (2016, PDF)
The data is compiled from the 2015 Annual Report programs submitted to PAB.

Distance Education in PAB-accredited Graduate Planning Programs (2015, PDF)

Credit Hour Requirements in PAB-accredited Graduate Planning Programs (2015, PDF)

Distance Education Offerings (2009, PDF)

Professors of Practice (2009, PDF)

Non-planning PhDs Among Full-Time Faculty (2009, PDF)

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